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        Pursue the product development concept of "precision + stability"
        Focus on electric energy measurement for 28 years

        More than 40 national patents, national high-tech enterprises, specialized and special new enterprises

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        Zhuhai Kehui Electric Co., Ltd.
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        Who We Are?


        Kehui Electric Appliances·Service power

        Kehui Electric was founded in 1995

        Kehui Electric is an early high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development of electric energy measurement and metering instruments in China, and the source supplier of electric energy meter field calibrator and electronic voltage and current sensor. After nearly 30 years of unremitting efforts, the company has developed Become an excellent product and solution provider in professional fields such as electric energy collection, electric energy metering power metering, meter verification, collection operation and maintenance.

        The registered capital of Kehui Electric is RMB 56 million.

        Kehui Electric has the industry's leading electric energy measurement technology accumulation, strong cash reserves and investment and financing capabilities, and is capable of undertaking OEM, ODM and personalized customized product services for various domestic and foreign electrical measurement equipment, ensuring quality and delivery time, and customers repurchase High rate, high service satisfaction.

        The business area of Kehui Electric exceeds 10,000 square meters

        The production and office space of Kehui Electrical Appliances are all self-built and self-used, and have R&D, production and experimental equipment worth tens of millions of yuan. There are more than 1,000 sets of instruments and meters.

        Kehui Electric already has 48 various patent certificates

        Kehui Electric currently has 24 invention patent certificates, 20 utility model patent certificates, 4 design patent certificates, 8 registered trademarks, and 13 software copyright certificates. It has won various government technological innovation awards and special financial subsidies for several times. Special fund support has improved the company's core competitiveness

        What's Our Product

        Three-phase site Analyzing Standard

        Three-phase energy meter field calibrator is an advantageous product among electric energy metering series products of the company, and is integrated with energy meter calibrator and low voltage metering device, with energy meter error calibration, error wiring judgment, measurement of transformation ratio, meter reading, harmonic measurement and other functions.

        Single-phase Site Analyzing Standard

        PEC-HA single-phase energy meter field calibrator is one of Kehui company’s series products. PEC-HA single-phase energy meter field calibrator is a kind of multi-functional modern meter calibration device designed and produced by use of large-scale programmable logic array and a series of advanced technologies and devices, with advanced technology, complete functions, compact structure, reliable performance, convenient use and other advantages. Its successful research and development provides great convenience to field energy meters and various other instruments, and it is a high-end product with excellent performance in single-phase electric energy measurement!

        Multifunctional Electricity Checker

        The multi-functional power consumption tester is a comprehensive detection instrument that integrates various power consumption inspection functions such as the comprehensive error of the metering device, the error measurement of the electric energy meter, and the transformation ratio test of the high and low voltage current transformers below 35KV; it can freeze the power meter It can read events such as power consumption, load curve, loss of voltage and current, programming and cover opening records. It has functions such as analysis of wrong wiring of electric energy meters and calculation of electric quantity recovery. one.

        High and low voltage current transformer ratio tester

        ● High and low voltage current transformer ratio tester is a new type of electricity inspection equipment for high voltage metering users. It can detect the transformation ratio and polarity of the current transformer used in the metering device at and below 35KV without changing the power supply, so as to effectively prevent the high-voltage metering user from replacing the high-low voltage current transformer or the nameplate of the current transformer and changing the current transformer. The polarity of the secondary line achieves the electricity stealing behavior with less billing; ● It can measure the transformation ratio, polarity and phase-to-phase correspondence of 35KV and below high and low voltage current transformers; ● It can measure the current amplitude of high and low voltage lines up to 35KV; ● Standard 20A clamp, optional 100A, 500A, 1000A clamp or 0-600A flexible clamp meter, with a low-voltage retractable operating insulating rod. ● Large-capacity lithium-ion high-efficiency rechargeable battery, continuous work for 10 hours; ● Closed jaw design greatly improves the accuracy compared with open jaw design ● Long U-shaped jaws, the width of the measured object can reach 50mm; ● Telescopic insulation rod, easy to carry; ● Graphical wide temperature, wide viewing angle liquid crystal, large screen display, which can be seen clearly under low temperature and strong sunlight.

        PEC-Voltage non-contact electrical inspection instrument

        ● Voltage non-contact, safe and convenient ● Anti-stealing function ● 10kV high voltage CT magnification check ● Do not open the watch cover, do not move the lead seal for inspection ● Check for wrong connection of electric energy meter ● Comprehensive error measurement of metering devices

        signal comprehensive analyzer

        This product is developed by our company for the uplink fault diagnosis of the terminal of the low-voltage centralized copying system. It can detect the signal strength of each standard network of the three major operators, and provide the operator and network standard with the best signal to provide judgment for the on-site personnel. in accordance with. This product integrates 3 independent signal detection channels, each channel can diagnose SIM card faults independently or simultaneously, and each channel automatically supports signal detection of the whole network and all standards (supports all standards of mobile, telecom and China Unicom detection). Each channel supports automatic detection of SIM insertion, automatic identification of SIM card information (CCID, IP, operator, network standard, etc.), automatic identification of base station location information (CELL_ID, LAC), uplink PING detection, and uplink master station login detection and other functions.

        Carrier Type Wireless Secondary Pressure Drop Tester

        ● PT secondary pressure drop wireless test, can measure PT side voltage, instrument side voltage, angle difference, ratio difference, voltage drop, composite error. ● Composed of a handheld host and a handheld extension, it is small in size and light in weight, with short on-site measurement time and fast response. ● Wireless measurement of three-phase PT secondary voltage drop in real time, including PT side voltage, meter side voltage, ratio difference, angle difference, voltage drop,

        10 KV plug type three-phase AC voltage sensor

        YTJD10-XX plug-type three-phase AC voltage sensor is based on capacitive voltage division + isolation structure detection voltage, assembled at the plug position of the European-style plug head of the ring network cabinet, with small size, light weight, high precision, good linearity, easy installation Convenient and other advantages, suitable for measuring three-phase voltage and zero-sequence voltage in ring main unit.

        YTJLW10-32 10kv outdoor voltage and current combination sensor

        YTJLW10-32 type 10kV outdoor voltage and current combination sensor is an AC voltage that meets the technical specifications of the national grid primary and secondary fusion equipment, and is designed and manufactured in accordance with the group standard T/CES018-2018 "Technical Conditions for 10kV and 20kV AC Sensors in Distribution Networks" , Combined current sensor The combined sensor is installed on the outlet end of the high-voltage switch on the ZW32 column to detect phase sequence voltage, zero sequence voltage, phase sequence current and zero sequence current at the same time. It has high accuracy, small size, light weight and low power consumption. low merit.

        YTLQ10-XX 10Kv airtight three-phase AC current sensor

        YTLQ10-XX series current sensors detect current based on LPCT principle, three-phase integrated structure, epoxy resin casting, fully enclosed insulation, safe and reliable, suitable for common box outdoor pole-mounted circuit breakers with good anti-condensation performance (ZW20) Or outdoor pole-mounted load switch (FZW28) installation, suitable for current measurement (metering) and protection in AC 50/60Hz lines with the highest voltage of 12kV and below.

        Application Area


        Kehui Electric

        Appliances·Service power

        On-site operation of Kehui electric single-phase and three-phase electric energy meter field calibrator

        Wuhan Power Supply Bureau has used Zhuhai Kehui electric energy meter field calibrator for more than 20 years. The brand effect is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and the customer satisfaction is high.

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        The three-phase electric energy meter field calibrator of Kehui Electric was applied to the power supply bureau of a city in East China

        Kehui Electric's explosive product "PEC-H3A Three-phase Electric Energy Meter Field Calibrator" has been well received by users.

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        Kehui electric on-site calibrator is used for measurement and calibration of DTU/FTU line loss module

        Kehui Electric's PEC-A meter source integrated three-phase electric energy meter calibrator is used for the measurement and calibration of DTU/FTU line loss modules, which can save customers from purchasing additional three-phase standard sources, and the PEC-H3A three-phase calibrator can be directly used as a standard The table is used, the volume is small and exquisite, the appearance is generous, and the customer is very satisfied.

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