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        2022 Annual Meeting of the Professional Committee of Power Distribution and Prototyping Cum Forum on Intelligent Improvement and Application of Power Distribution Equipment


        Participate in the exchange meeting on the prevention and control of electricity theft


        Kehui Electric Appliances·Service power





        The latest information on power distribution technology on July 20, 2023


        1. Wireless charging facilities for new energy vehicles will be launched in the core area of the Hangzhou Asian Games. It is understood that this charging station is the first charging station in the country that has the functions of wireless charging, high-power charging, and V2G charging (reverse charging of electric vehicles to the grid).


        2. On July 17, the first independent and controllable dual-channel regional stability control system in the Northwest region was successfully connected to the network for trial operation in Xinjiang, marking a major breakthrough in the domestic substitution of key chips for the stability control system.