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        2022 Annual Meeting of the Professional Committee of Power Distribution and Prototyping Cum Forum on Intelligent Improvement and Application of Power Distribution Equipment


        Participate in the exchange meeting on the prevention and control of electricity theft


        Kehui Electric Appliances·Service power





        Kehui electric on-site calibrator is used for measurement and calibration of DTU/FTU line loss module


        Kehui Electric's PEC-A meter source integrated three-phase electric energy meter calibrator is used for the measurement and calibration of DTU/FTU line loss modules, which can save customers from purchasing additional three-phase standard sources, and the PEC-H3A three-phase calibrator can be directly used as a standard The table is used, the volume is small and exquisite, the appearance is generous, and the customer is very satisfied.

        The field calibrator is a device used for measurement and calibration of DTU (data transmission unit) / FTU (terminal unit) line loss module. It is mainly used to verify the measurement accuracy and performance of DTU/FTU in actual field application. The on-site calibrator can simulate different load conditions, and measure and compare the current, voltage, power and other parameters of the DTU/FTU to judge its measurement accuracy and line loss calculation accuracy. By using the on-site calibrator, the measurement deviation of DTU/FTU can be found and corrected in time to ensure its accuracy and reliability in practical applications. The on-site calibrator generally has the characteristics of high precision and good stability, and can adapt to different DTU/FTU models and specifications.

        Table and source integration,Calibration of line loss module,Three-phase standard meter