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        2022 Annual Meeting of the Professional Committee of Power Distribution and Prototyping Cum Forum on Intelligent Improvement and Application of Power Distribution Equipment


        Participate in the exchange meeting on the prevention and control of electricity theft


        Kehui Electric Appliances·Service power





        Zhuhai Kehui invites you to the 5th China (Shanghai) International Metrology and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo in 2023!


        The 2023 Shanghai International Metrology Exhibition was grandly held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. Kehui Electric attended the event and showed the latest research and development achievements in electric energy measurement. Head sensor, 22 version electric energy meter on-site calibrator, etc.


        1.Class 0.01 single-phase three-phase standard electric energy meter↓↓↓



        02 H3A three-phase electric energy meter on-site calibrator↓↓↓


        03 H3C Multifunctional Electricity Checker ↓↓↓

        04 HA single-phase electric energy meter field calibrator↓↓↓


        05 PEC-JY3A voltage and current sensor calibrator↓↓↓



        International metrology and testing technology