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        2022 Annual Meeting of the Professional Committee of Power Distribution and Prototyping Cum Forum on Intelligent Improvement and Application of Power Distribution Equipment


        Participate in the exchange meeting on the prevention and control of electricity theft


        Kehui Electric Appliances·Service power





        The on-site problem handling of smart electric meters can be so simple


        Compared with traditional electric energy meters, smart meters have obvious advantages. The wide application of smart meters has promoted the intelligent development of power grids. Through the smart meter rate function and load control function, peak shifting and valley filling can be used to promote the smooth operation of the power grid; the smart meter load curve function records the operating data of the power grid at all times to form a power consumption curve at each time point, providing a basis for the rationality of power dispatching and ensuring the orderly power supply of the power grid; The two-way communication function of the smart meter based on the Internet of Things allows the electricity consumption data to interact with the system platform in real time, and provides more innovative services through statistical analysis of the electricity consumption data.