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        2022 Annual Meeting of the Professional Committee of Power Distribution and Prototyping Cum Forum on Intelligent Improvement and Application of Power Distribution Equipment


        Participate in the exchange meeting on the prevention and control of electricity theft


        Kehui Electric Appliances·Service power





        State Grid Corporation: Accelerate the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of Things in the second half of the year


        Establish a ubiquitous power Internet of Things technology standard system and an energy Internet enterprise evaluation index system, and start the compilation of 47 core standards, protocols, and interface specifications.


        Relevant departments of the headquarters and grassroots units have done a lot of communication and coordination in the implementation of the project, and the work has been effective.

        In terms of improving business quality and efficiency, complete the optimization and improvement plan for the integration of business and distribution, clarify tasks, and fully launch. Complete the pilot operation of "Online State Grid" in Zhejiang, and start the overall design of the whole network promotion and customer service business platform. Start the overall design of the power grid resource business platform, and simultaneously promote the construction of the Internet of Things for distribution and transmission. Complete the design of specialized solutions such as multi-dimensional lean cost management. The fifth is to complete the overall design of the infrastructure digital platform and start the pilot construction. The headquarters launched mobile office applications on the intranet, and provincial companies completed the integration of mobile operation terminals.

        In terms of expanding emerging businesses, complete the new energy cloud construction plan, hold on-site promotion meetings, and start pilot construction. Start the design of the intelligent Internet of Things platform for electrical equipment, and promote the construction of an intelligent operation center. Discuss with telecom operators and other enterprises the business operation model and interconnection technology standards of resources such as iron towers and optical fibers.