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        YTJLW10-32 10kv outdoor voltage and current combination sensor

        YTJLW10-32 type 10kV outdoor voltage and current combination sensor is an AC voltage that meets the technical specifications of the national grid primary and secondary fusion equipment, and is designed and manufactured in accordance with the group standard T/CES018-2018 "Technical Conditions for 10kV and 20kV AC Sensors in Distribution Networks" , Combined current sensor The combined sensor is installed on the outlet end of the high-voltage switch on the ZW32 column to detect phase sequence voltage, zero sequence voltage, phase sequence current and zero sequence current at the same time. It has high accuracy, small size, light weight and low power consumption. low merit.

        Key words:


        outdoor sensor

        Voltage and current combination sensor

        Capacitive voltage divider

        PT structure

        Principle of LPCT


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        YTJLW10-32 10kv outdoor voltage and current combination sensor


        YTLQ10-XX 10Kv airtight three-phase AC current sensor

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